How to spark interest with booming social media content


One thing people bring up to me often is content creation for social media: 

“What should I post about?” 

“I’m not creative enough to create graphics.” 

“I’m not sure if what I’m doing is working or not.” 


If this is you, keep reading. I’ll give you some tips and tricks on sparking the interest of your target audience by creating booming content for your company’s social media pages. 

Tip #1: Use visuals

We are overloaded with information every single day. So when we see a bunch of text on the screen, a lot of times we’ll overlook it, instinctually. Think about it: When you’re scrolling on social media what is the first thing that catches your eye? Most likely it’s a video, photo, or graphic. 


This is why pairing your post caption with a visual is vital to the success of your posts. If you don’t post a visual with your post caption, be prepared for it to be looked right over. Some things that catch people’s eyes are bright colors, pictures with faces in them (use real photos, not stock photos, if possible), and animated graphics (think sparkles and things that move).


Canva is a great tool to use to help you take your videos, photos and graphics to the next level. I’m not associated with Canva but you’d think I was with how much I promote it. I’ve been using it for years and I absolutely LOVE it. 

Tip #2: Get on video as much as possible. 

If you are blessed with the skills it takes to get in front of the camera, USE THOSE SKILLS! Video content is by far the most engaging content out there. People can’t resist a good video.


Even if you’re not a superstar in front of the camera, you should still be recording videos. People are embracing authenticity more than ever and there is a craving for people who show up as their “real” selves. I’m talking messy hair, no makeup, and real talk with your followers about your real life (struggles and all). 


Here’s some video ideas:

  • Brand videos – The story of your brand, your team, your vision, your mission, etc. 
  • Explainer videos – How and why to use your product/service plus other helpful tips that are relevant to your audience
  • Events – Any company events you host or sponsor.
  • Testimonials – Getting your customer to talk about you on video is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business.
  • Case studies – Show the results of using your product/service using an example from a past/current client.
  • And the best one yet: Live videos – Go live regularly! People LOVE this and they get notified that you’re live.

Tip #3: User-generated content

First, let me define what user-generated content is, per Termly


“User-generated content is any written, visual, or audio content that’s uploaded to a website or app by users, rather than by the website or app administrators. User-generated content includes messages, reviews, testimonials, comments, images, audio files, videos, and artwork.”


There are so many benefits of user-generated content. First being that you don’t have to create the content yourself! It’s already created! Talk about a huge time saver. Plus, your followers will feel flattered that you shared their content, and as a result they will be more loyal to your brand. (Hint: It’s a good idea to ask for permission to share the user’s post and credit them in the post caption).


To get user-generated content, you can:

  • Ask people to use a branded hashtag you create in their posts. Ex: #likeitmarketing
  • Implement social listening and look for mentions of your company online (Twitter is great for this). 
  • Simply share your target audience’s post that’s relevant to your brand or industry. 

Final thoughts

There are a ton of other ways to create booming content for your business, but that blog post would be a mile long and nobody has time for that lol. We hope you found this article helpful and that you’ll share it with your business friends. Thanks for reading and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for more social media tips! 


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