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Unleash the Power of Visuals: Elevate Your Brand on Social Media!

In the dynamic world of social media, where first impressions matter, a visually appealing brand presence is your ticket to success. Elevating your brand on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook requires more than just a basic understanding of design; it demands a strategic approach to create a lasting impact. Let’s delve into key elements […]

5 favorite tools & tech to run my business

Recently I was asked about some of the tools and technology I use for my business, so I figured I’d share my top 5 favorites with you here. 🥰 #1: Task Management – Asana As someone who lives off of checklists, I start each day using this task management tool. It allows me to organize […]

The deal with Instagram Reels

So, you’re here because you want to know what’s the dealio with Instagram Reel-ios, am I right? 😜 For my friends less familiar with Reels, let me give you a quick description: Instagram has a feature on its app called Reels, similar to TikTok & Youtube Shorts, that allows you to create short videos with […]

Social media mistakes

Likes, comments, shares – oh, my!  Social media marketing is a daunting operation, to say the least. But, not to worry, I’m here to give you 5 tips on what NOT to do (and how you can correct these common mistakes).  Keep reading, girlfriend! It’s about to get real.  Mistake 1: Showing up inconsistently. Raise […]

Elevate your business with professional photography

When you think about your favorite brand on social media…what comes to mind? What about their page stands out to you? Most likely it’s their photos! The most successful brands on social media rarely use stock images, but instead they showcase professional, high-quality photographs. With so much content out there, you can’t afford for yours […]

Social media marketing for the wedding industry

The wedding industry took a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is exactly why now is the time to get serious about social media marketing for your wedding business.  People are searching for wedding inspiration regularly using social media sites.  I personally have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to wedding inspiration and I know […]

Self-help books for business owners

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE reading. There’s something about finding a good book and getting lost in the pages. Normally, I’m a fan of fiction novels, but now that I’ve started my own business, I’ve ditched fiction (mostly) and replaced it with nonfiction, self-help books.  These books have shaped the way I […]

Goal-setting tips

Goals. We all have them… But how do some people achieve their goals and others don’t? I believe it all comes down to strategy. If you have a plan in place, your odds of achieving something you want are much higher.  I’m here to share my personal goal-setting strategies to help you reach the future […]

Social media strategies for the new year

Have you thought about your company’s social media strategy for the new year or does the thought overwhelm you?  If your answer is the latter, I’m here for you! I’ve come up with a few ideas for the new year that I know will instantly give your social media pages a digital “face lift”. 😉 […]

Working with a social media manager

If you’re reading this in December of 2021, you may be prepping for the new year. This is a time to set goals and make positive changes in your business.  One thing you may be considering is hiring a social media manager to handle your business accounts in 2022 (and if you’re not, I highly […]

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