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Inspiring social media stories

So many people view social media in a negative light, which is somewhat understandable considering all of the negativity that is spread on it. But, don’t lose your faith in social media just yet! Read these inspiring stories shared on social media to brighten your day.  Lawn makeovers from a stranger What would you do […]

How to use social media for good

Many business owners are guilty of using their social media pages for self-serving purposes. But, what if you thought about using social media in a new way? What if, instead of thinking about the amount of followers you can get, you changed that mindset to think about how you can add value to people’s lives… […]

Organization tips for a productive work day

Are you tired of feeling defeated because you went another day without completing the tasks you wanted to? We’ve all been there. The trick is, there’s no trick. To be productive, all you have to do is master the art of planning and organizing. And don’t think that it takes a special skill to be […]

The importance of social media for business

How often do you find yourself habitually scrolling through social media throughout the day? Do you wake up and check your notifications? Do you check your newsfeed during your lunch break?  The reality is, many of us spend several hours on social media each week, some of us each day. If you’re asking yourself why […]

Who is Like It Marketing?

Who the heck is Like It Marketing? If that’s what you’re wondering, I have answers. 😊 Like It Marketing’s mission I’m Tonya Tucker (not the country singer) and I’m the founder of Like It Marketing, a social media management company built to help business owners like you build your company’s social media presence through compelling […]

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