Social media strategies for the new year

Have you thought about your company’s social media strategy for the new year or does the thought overwhelm you? 

If your answer is the latter, I’m here for you! I’ve come up with a few ideas for the new year that I know will instantly give your social media pages a digital “face lift”. 😉

Let’s get started! 

Smile for the camera! 

When is the last time you’ve taken team photos? And I don’t mean cell phone photos, I mean a professional photoshoot. If your team photos and professional headshots are out of date, the new year is the perfect time to hire a photographer!

Here’s a few reasons you should consider hiring a professional photographer for your business: 

  • High-quality images will make the company look more professional (especially when compared to cell phone photos). 
  • Stock photos make your brand seem cookie cutter and there’s a good chance other businesses are using those same photos. Original, customized brand photos are much more personable
  • The photos can be used for multiple purposes. Think of using them on your social media pages, your website, print materials (flyers, mailers, etc.) and wherever else you can think of! 
  • Social media posts will be more engaging and will make your brand seem more “human” than robotic. People want to see the people working at your company, so give your audience what they want!

Here’s some photoshoot types you might consider for your business:

  • Professional headshots
  • Behind the scenes photos
    • Team meetings
    • Staff working
    • Company outings
  • Product photos
  • Venue shots
  • Geographic shots
  • Event photography

We offer photography services at Like It Marketing, so reach out if you’re interested in setting up a shoot! 

It’s nice to (re)meet you! 

If you’re an established business, chances are you haven’t introduced yourself on your company’s social media pages in years (that’s a century in social media time). 

It’s time to put together an updated bio and re-introduce yourself to your social media audience. When writing your bio, make sure you include some fun facts about yourself that people will remember. 

You’ll also want to reintroduce your staff (in separate posts), so make sure they write a short bio, too. Pair this information with a professional headshot or a fun behind-the-scenes photo and you’ve got yourself several posts for the new year, depending on how big your team is. 

Oh, I almost forgot – you’ll want to reintroduce your company’s mission, as well. This will remind people how your company can help them and others. 

A social media challenge

I double-dog dare you (HA!) to challenge yourself on social media in the new year. Do those things you were scared to do in 2021

Do a few things come to mind? 

Maybe you hate being on camera, so you’ve shied away from Facebook/Instagram live or Instagram reels. The new year is a time to try new things! This is actually one of my goals for the new year, so we’ll be in this together! 🤗

Here’s a few other things to try:

  • Share one social media story a day (Monday – Friday).
  • Start tagging your location and/or people in your posts. Posts that have a location or person tagged in them get more engagement. 
  • Spend 20 minutes a day engaging (liking/commenting) with your target audience’s posts.   

Master batching content

One problem business owners have is that they forget to take time out to post each day. This problem can be easily solved by planning in advance and batching content.

What I mean by “batching content” is blocking out a few hours one day to plan all of your content at once. I like to plan one month worth of content at a time. 

Sit down and come up with a social media theme for the month, and plan social media posts around the topic you chose. Next, you’ll write the post captions, choose relevant hashtags, and then come up with post images/graphics. 

Once the content creation is finished (which is the hard part), schedule the posts using scheduling tools. Facebook offers its own tools that allow you to schedule Facebook and Instagram posts. Look into Facebook’s Creator Studio or Business Suite. You can also use third-party scheduling tools, like Buffer or Hubspot.

Final thoughts

There ya have it! These four social media strategies are sure to be a great start for your new year plan. 

And if you’d rather someone implement these strategies for you, feel free to reach out to me via email, or visit our “Let’s Chat” page here

As always, thanks for reading, y’all! 💙

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