Social media marketing for the wedding industry


The wedding industry took a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is exactly why now is the time to get serious about social media marketing for your wedding business

People are searching for wedding inspiration regularly using social media sites. 

I personally have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to wedding inspiration and I know for a fact I’m not the only one, *cough, cough, wink, wink*.

Keep reading to learn how you can best use social media for your wedding business.

Social media platforms for the wedding industry

Not sure which platforms your business should be on? Well, I’ve already mentioned one…


Pinterest reaches a bazillion (yes, I said bazillion) women each day and let’s face it – women are primarily the ones involved in the wedding planning process. So make sure you take advantage of this woman-dominated platform if you’re not already. 


Sixty percent of couples go to Instagram for wedding inspiration, according to a study done by Wedding Academy Global…That’s a huge amount!! 

It makes sense, seeing as Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app and you get to see all of the gorgeous wedding photos taken by some incredibly talented wedding photographers. 


Facebook still dominates in the social media world, so you won’t want to miss out on this popular platform. Plus, it’ll be easier to reach the moms of the brides and grooms, who are more likely on Facebook than Instagram.

Social media trend: It’s all about the reels!

You probably guessed it, but Instagram Reels are trending right now! The reach for reels seems to be climbing at rapid rates, so it’s time for you to hop on that bandwagon. 

Create short, impactful videos to entertain and educate brides and grooms.

If you’re a wedding venue, you could do a video walkthrough of your venue and add some text that includes facts that make your venue unique. 

If you’re a wedding dress retailer, you could create a reel with multiple videos of all of your favorite wedding dresses in stock. Your call-to-action could be “Tell us which dress if your favorite!”

I hope this helps get your creative juices flowing.

Social media theme ideas for the wedding industry

Lastly, I came up with a list of themes to include in your social media strategy. If you haven’t read my previous blog, Time-saving tips for social media, then I’ll explain the importance of themes (briefly): 

Themes help you save time because it’ll allow you to focus on a particular topic, instead of bouncing all over the place. 

Here’s a list of themes to include in for your wedding business: 

  • Selecting the perfect venue
  • Wedding attire
  • Budgeting for a wedding
  • Wedding decor
  • Biggest wedding day regrets

These are just to name a few. Work with me and I’ll come up with a lot more.   

Final thoughts

Alright, so that’s the dealio on strategically using social media for your wedding business. 

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As always, thanks for reading my blog, y’all! 💙

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